Zara Noor Abbas & Aashir Wajahat - The two shining stars of Chhalawa

All the hatred on social media and negative reviews couldn’t stop us from going to the cinema to watch Wajahat Rauf’s Chhalawa. Honestly, the movie lacks a good storyline but it is not as bad as the hype has been created by the social media influencers. Yes, personal opinions matter but it should sound like one and not as a vendetta.



Coming to the movie, we enjoyed it not as much as we would have loved but the movie was decent. The 2-hour movie had a lot of comedy scenes that made us jump from our seats with bursts of laughter. Zara Noor Abbas and Aashir Wajahat deserve all the applause for doing such a commendable job in their roles and for us, both of them are the real stars.


Mehwish Hayat is a star, she knows it and we admit it. She played her role perfectly making us fell in love with her acting skills more. All in all it was a decent comedy movie that we can safely call a paisa wasool movie.

The strongest aspect of Chhalawa is definitely going to be its music. Though there were not a lot of songs but Shiraz Uppal ensured the songs were catchy, groovy, and suitable to their respective situations. These are surely going to be in our playlist for a while now.

Pakistani film industry is in its revival phase and we should all be supporting them. There are still a lot of areas where we need to improve but it will take time. Focusing on the positives and constructive criticism is all that we can do to show our support to our film makers and contribute in making a grand change to our cinema.

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