With AADAT Instrumental Nescafe' Basement plans on not leaving any Nostalgic Stone Unturned

Waking up this morning took me to the Year 2004, my first semester in FAST Lahore and walking through the Old cafe with a poster of Jal's first album on the entrance. It was the time whole Atif vs Gohar controversy was at its peak and being a fastian I was team Gohar since new vocalist Farhan Saeed was a senior year student at that time in our university. Despite all of this controversy, Aadat belonged to Atif & Gohar. This song has a special association with all the kids and adults of that time. Boys picking up guitars instead of cricket bats and girls going all crazy for the iconic Jal duo of Atif and Goher. The craze for this song still exists and can be seen in every guitar student who starts learning guitar and plays the Aadat solo.

All thanks to Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan and Nescafe Basement for taking me to those time while on my way to work. When the instrumental hit, I was lost in the memories of those times relating to the video so well that I could feel the lyrics even when they were not in the song. Each second of this beautifully arranged instrumental was an experience in its own and I cannot come out of its essence. No one can sing Aadat better than Atif and no one could have played it better but Goher the maestro himself.

I am just amazed how Xulfi is handling iconic songs, which hold special association to '80s and 90's kids, so well. First Mehbooba, then Pyar Diyan Gallan and now Aadat. I can't praise the guy enough for handling Aadat so cleverly and choosing its instrumental version. Guitars, Trumpets, Flutes, percussion. It was a complete flashback to that era musically.

And to enhance the feels including Gohar in the end with Bhnawaray/Her Jagah Hai Jal mashup. What more could one ask for? All in all, another acing number by Nescafe Basement. Setting bar way way high for their competitors. Pretty curious what more is in store for us from this dynamic production. 



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