Why AANGAN is much more than fancy cast and on screen pairs

So, it's been few months since the first episode was aired. The pre-hype of this drama was phenomenal and it wouldn't be wrong to say that it was certainly the most anticipated drama to come out in the recent past. There are many reasons for it but the hype is mainly due to its heavy star cast and awesome cinematography. While we may not disagree with the main reasons behind its hype but after watching 10 episodes, it is safe to say that it is much more than just that because of the 

The main old lady of the house "Amma Jan" had us in awe when she made sure that her husband's children from extramarital affair were taken care of despite having differences among their mothers. Even after the death of her husband she assigned their responsibility to her own sons.

How Mazhar supports her sister, when she runs away with Ahsan Khan and takes stand against his father, justifying the act as they got "nikhafied".

How Amma Jaan takes custody of Salma's son after her death against her husbands will, by comparing her husband's aulaad with extramarital sons.

How there is a common emphasis on the education of women. On one hand, Chammi is constantly degraded for not studying, while on the other hand, Choti Bahu has severe concerns for Tehmina not being able to complete her studies. Choti bahu's constant demand for younger daughter Bittu's higher education, from Mazhhar, clearly indicates that even in partition era there was a need and awareness about women's education.

How Kusum, a hindy window, is rebellious about old traditions and rules defined for widows in that era is a depiction that women were thinking progressively even in those times.

How Mazhar is supportive of Tehmina's love for her cousin and promises to get married to Safdar, is a clear picture of a healthy father-daughter relationship.

How Chammi is enthusiastic about the Muslim League against the will of her Congress Supporting Chacha, shows how women were actively involved in politics. 

All in all, it is a complete package showing how women have contributed from the very beginning and their role in the society cannot be neglected no matter what. In my opinion, Aangan is portraying the need of women empowerment in the most graceful way possible. What happens in the coming episodes remain a mystery, but let’s keep our fingers crossed and see where it moves. 

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