Top 5 Anthems PSL Gave us in 4 years

The best time of the year is here when we get to enjoy pure cricket without any worries of our team losing because all the teams are our own and whoever wins, Pakistan wins! Yes, we are talking about Pakistan Super League (PSL). With PSL fever getting in full swing and few hours left in the opening ceremony, we could not help getting ourselves into the patriotic spirit and had all the PSL anthems in our playlist. These are the 5 songs that brought enthusiasm the most.

Chakka Choka-Ali Zafar

Chakka Choka beautifully portrays the team motto of Islamabad United with its lyrics "United We Win Divided We Fall". Ali Zafar sang this song beautifully and the video production by Lightingale Studio just made it more catchy.

Zalmi Tarana- Hadiq ft. Zeek Afridi

We all know that Hadiqa is the queen of versatility and this anthem is no exception. The way she adopted the pakhtoon feels had our heart the moment we heard the song 2 years back and it still gave us the same impact. the cherry on top was vocals by Zeek Afridi. Definitely a Tarana for the fans of Yellow Storm.

Kai Kai Quetta- Fakhir ft. Faheem Alan Faqeer

Kai Kai Quetta sheds light on the beautiful culture of Baluchistan. The traditional colors, folk element are quite evident in the song itself and the video as well. We remember dancing insanely on its beats during the PSL 2 final in Lahore every time it got played in the stadium.


 Hum Zalmi- Call ft. Leo Twins

Without any doubt the strongest PSL song musically. The fusion of rock and folk music could not have been better. Hands down to Call and Leo Twins for bringing this masterpiece. At the same the time Zalmi passion is so evident in the video because of ever expressive Mahira Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi along with Peshawar Zalmi Players.


Khel Jamay Ga- Ali Zafar

You think of PSL and the lyrics which instantly come to your mind are "Seeti Bajay Gi Stage Sajay Ga". It won't be wrong to say that this song has become the identity of PSL and tops our list. The beauty with which this song describes the whole setting up of PSL is phenomenal and with Ali Zafar's vocals bringing out patriotism from us along with the musical arrangement is completely out of this world. My o my, can't describe those feelings in words every time the song played in Qaddafi Stadium. This song surely spreads excitement each year.

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