Toofan-Rocked us like a Hurricane

So a couple of weeks back I started to see posts coming on social media, from a certain music fraternity group, about their upcoming song ''Toofan''. Being a Pakistani Music fanboy, I am always excited about any new music coming from our musicians, even though I DID NOT expect anything unusual coming seeing those posts (I Must Confess). Then I saw the video on the very first day it got released and boy oh boy it was a jaw-dropping experience.

There was a flux of thoughts, that I needed to control since I needed to focus more on the song. But contrary to this, I was unable to decide on which things I should be focusing. Whether I should be happy of the fact that it was another brick in the wall of Band Culture revival or get excited about seeing a PURE ROCK Pakistani Band after ''Entity Paradigm'' and ''Call''. Last but not the least were the new Toofani Boys, who did not show any signs of being a newly independent band. The common factor in all these mentioned bands is Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan aka Xulfi – unarguably a maestro of the modern age.

It's not an easy task when you create something which is inspired by the Western bands and yet does not sound or appear Wannabe. The song and video clearly draw a line between copying something and taking an inspiration. In the end, we really wish the song and the band to prosper but for that, all the like-minded souls who follow Pakistani Music religiously and have a tendency to like Hard Rock music need to play their part i.e. keep sharing it, spread it in order to keep Karakoram spirits higher than the Karakoram mountain range.


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