Them Azadi Feels at Pepsi Battle Of The Bands

Ever since I saw the teaser of Pepsi Battle of The Bands Independence Day special episode I got pretty excited. I was curious about the song selections of the top 4 bands. A whole episode dedicated to our National Songs was an exciting factor.
The start of the episode was pretty energetic with Jasim Haider using his magic of stage presence with the top 4 vocalits to get us all in the Azadi feels. The most amazing part was the way each of the voclaist was efficiently utilized for the performance.
Doing justice to the iconic songs was not an easy task. For me, Xarb topped all performances with "Watan Ki Mitti" and I believe it was highly unfair to throw them in the danger zone and keeping Tamaasha safe. Keeping in mind the fact that this was tamasha's  4th consecutive performace with same tone. But again Judges saved them somehow despite the fact that each one of them said that their
performance overshadowed the real essence of "Iss Parcham kay Saaye Talay".
Bayaan finally came up with their first good performance this season. Asfar Hussain pulled off "Yeh Watan Tumhara Hai" well upto his capabilities and reminded me of Asfar of the Nescafe Basment . Although, I still believe that Kaaghaz should have been given a chance in last episode instead of bayaan. Anyhow, the band did justice of being in top 4 with their performance.
Last but not the least 21-The Band. These guys have this happy go lucky stage presence and their  performance always cheers you up and same was the case in this episode. Yahya and the band performed "Hum Hain Pakistani" with suh ease and I was literally singing alongwith the performance. The band deserves the credit of reaching Top inspite of so much vague comments by the judges where at one point they were being critcised of not sticking to their punk rock genre and at the other time they were called monotonous.
All in all the episode was full of Patriotic feels. Thankyou Pepsi Battle of The Bands for giving the flavor of our iconic National songs to the millenial kids and making us the 80s/90s kids go all nostallgic.

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