Sharing Top 5 Jami Videos with Strong Social Messages on his Birthday and Women's Day

If you have been a fan of Pakistani music videos, you would know how great of a director Jamshed Mehmood a.k.a. Jami is! So, today, Ravesh decided to build on its Ravesh and wish Jami – the supremely creative and immensely talented director – He has always been vocal about women rights and since Women's day falls one day after his birthday, we decided to wish him by giving you a recap of 5 of his music videos where he has focused on the social issues and highlighted them with some of the most popular musicians of the country.

Is Bar Milo – Hadiqa Kiani Feat. Amir Zaki

Is Bar Milo, a beautiful melody of Hadiqa Kiani wonderfully complemented by the brilliance of the late great Amir Zaki, rose to instant fame courtesy of its video that highlights the life in a fountain house. The trauma, depressing environment, and torture women have to face in such places has been brought to the notice through the video. Although the song itself is very catchy, the video takes it to a whole new level.

Bomb Phata – Ali Azmat

In a time when terrorism was at its peak in the country, the whole world was referring to us as terrorists. Ali Azmat came up with this number Bomb Phata or Bumb Phata to tell that we are not terrorists but a nation affected by terrorism. Jami, again, used his creativity to the best effect and showed the world how the politicians, dictators, and religious leaders play with the minds of the people. It is a bomb of a video and Kudos to Jami for pulling it off so gracefully!

Inteha-e-Shauq – Hadiqa Kiani

“When there is a will, there is a way” a quote that sums up the message in Inteha-e-Shauq portrayed masterfully by Jami. The video talks about the society being dominant and keep suppressing you until you decide to stand up for yourself and achieve your dreams.

Dhaani – Strings

Jami & Strings have been collaborating since forever and this is one of the main reasons why the band has had such memorable music videos that we still love watching. Dhaani, the title song from the album Dhaani released in 2003, is a celebration of being women to all the progressive women who work their heart out to stand tall and proud in the society. Jami worked brilliantly to prove that women can do anything perfectly and contribute to the well-being of society. It is regarded as one of the best music videos of that time and still is worth watching!

Urr Jaoon – Strings

Urr Jaoon, the second track of the album “30” is a mellow number featuring the soft vocals of Bilal Maqsood wrapped in signature Strings sound! Besides the moving lyrics, the video sheds light on the war between light and the dark within ourselves along with Child Labor in a very subtle way. This issue exists deep into our society and someone had to talk about it. But who can be better to do that but Jami? 

These 5 videos will give you a recap of all the great work Jami has been doing over the years! And by the end of this, we have nothing more to say but Happy Birthday Jami. Live long and keep giving us more reasons to admire your work!

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