Ravesh Music Review: Shani Arshad’s Adha Adha is Pura Ka Pura Hit

Shani Arshad, the immensely talented singer and songwriter has released his new video of his groovy song Adha Adha. The video features the handsome Janaan star Ali Rehman Khan with Muhammad Ali and Amar Khan. Directed by Ali Sohail Jaura, the video revolves around Ali Rehman who plays a serial killer with so much perfection leaving us spellbound to his brilliance. 

In the video, Ali Rehman Khan checks into a motel and across from his room are Amar Khan and Muhammad Ali who are clearly in a physically abusive relationship. The ending of the video is very dramatic but does complete justice to the story. We won’t disclose it for you here; you have to watch out the video. Kudos to Amar Khan and Muhamad Ali for complementing Ali Rehman Khan so well in the entire video with their spot-on expressions and amazing acting skills. The trio truly nailed it and deserve huge rounds of applause for their effort. Amar Khan took the center stage with her brilliant expressions portraying agony, pain, and suffering at the same time blowing us away and rightly so. 

The modern pop genre based song by Shani is a catchy number with the kind of tune you could listen every day. Shani also appears in bits in the video keeping you hooked to the song. It’s so pleasing to see Pakistani music going back to pop genre but in a contemporary way adding more variety to the music. We, at Ravesh, are all praises for Shani for releasing this number. 

Check out the song: 

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