E-Sharp and Black Hour's Exit from Pepsi Battle of the Bands Left Us Devastated

Episode 6 of Pepsi Battle of the Bands Season 4 took a drastic turn when two of the highly talented and finale-worthy bands E-Sharp and Black Hour were eliminated even after giving mind blowing performances.

Black Hour performed a beautiful mashup of Fringe Benefit's Tanhai and their original song Tanhaiyaan. The band kept the audience on their feet with roof shattering vocals, killer guitar riffs, groovy bass lines, and scintillating drum beats. The overall performance and the initial fusion of bass and rhythm guitars was commendable. Hashim is a performer and knows his craft well. He was a joy to watch throughout the song. The drummer was also lauded by the judges for being in the driver's seat and keeping the momentum alive throughout the performance. 

In response to Black Hour's gigantic performance, Auj was mediocre. Laung Gawacha is not a song to mess with and they messed it up pretty bad. A performance with no such variations was put over Black Hour, which left the fans baffled and us devastated. No offences to Auj but they are more of a playback material rather than performers. Angraizian was a good choice but the later half was totally not up to the mark. 

ESharp brought a lot of flavor to their performance. The environment they created with dhol and all the desi vibe was very enjoyable. Bilal's expressions throughout Tu Hai Kahan speaks volumes of how well it was put together and performed. Aarish did a good job too. They gave a good performance and were a treat to watch. However, ESharp deserved to be in the finals because of the versatility they have and the energy they bring each time they step on the stage. 

With Black Hour and ESharp out of Pepsi Battle of the Bands, we are completely heartbroken. If performance is the criteria, it should apply to all bands and decision should be made on the current performance and not on the previous ones. What do you guys think? Let's talk about it in the comment's section. 

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    Very strange

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