Pakistanis STILL taking a Jab at Adnan Sami Khan in the Most Hilarious Way


Adnan Sami Khan, a man known with so many names one could ever remember or wish for. Some know him for being the fastest pianist in the world, some know him for giving classic songs or even stealing ones like Bhar Do Jholi Meri; however, most of us know him as a Pakistani who migrated to India just for the sake of fame. There’s no harm in moving to India but one must not forget his roots and this is what Mr. Sami has done.

To get some appreciation from Indians, Adnan Sami Khan has time and time again tried to ridicule Pakistan and Pakistanis and every time got a befitting response. This time, the singer found himself under serious fire from this side of the border when he went miles ahead to show his patriotism for India and referred to us as terrorists after the Pulwama Attack.

After this sort of a tweet, a befitting response was obvious and this is what happened. Pakistanis bombarded him with a series of never-ending tweets to which Mr. Sami responded like:

First of all, Pakistanis shouldn’t have bothered to respond to a mentally sick man who is so desperate to be called an Indian. The reality is, he will always be a Pakistani no matter how far he goes in claiming himself to be a proud Indian. He will always be a second citizen in India regardless of how many tweets he posts with the Hashtag Proud Indian or Jai Hind. Secondly, there was no reason to expose his identity of being an ISI agent on a secret mission in India.


Just for one tweet, we shouldn’t have exposed our Major and ignored all the good work he has done for the country. Jokes apart, this sort of ill behavior from Adnan Sami Khan is not appreciated by the general public and the celebrities as well.

Our very own, Shaan Shahid also stepped in and asked for suggestions for the name of a movie to be made as a tribute for the services of Major Adnan Sami in a tweet.

If you have a better suggestion, let us know in the comments below. But we would like to request our people to stop ridiculing our very own superstar who is putting his life in danger for us and providing all the information to us.

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