Our Top 5 Picks from Pepsi Battle of the Bands Season 4

Kashmir, Bayaan, Badnaam, Tamaasha, Xarb and more; Pepsi Battle of the Bands has produced some amazing bands over the last couple of years; playing a massive role in the revival of the band culture in Pakistan. We are feeling the same vibes in the air that we felt the first time this show hit the screens.

This year, the much anticipated TV show is back with more exciting bands with a twist. Unlike previous seasons, we have the Top 12 this time and this couldn’t have been any better. What this means is more music, more exposure to bands, more head banging, and above all, more memories in the making.

Since the Top 12 have been finalized, it is the right time to choose the band you should be rooting for the entire season. In our case, we are rooting for not one, not two, but five bands that we couldn’t take our eyes off during the audition. Here are our top 5 picks!


Who said there’s no E-Sharp note? Well, we have it now and probably the best one to be honest. With ‘O Shabana’, E-Sharp has introduced a new youth anthem for us and what a grand entry they have made to the show. The Karachi-based band has already two albums to their name and they are best known for their original music – a glimpse of which we have already seen in O Shabana. This song made our playlist in the very first listen and we are in love with the boys! They are a true threat to the rest of the 11 bands!


With almost a decade of playing with each other, Aarish has that clear edge over others. Comprising of 6 members, Aarish impressed the judges with their eccentric sound this time in the auditions. They couldn’t get lucky enough to get selected in the Season 2 and Season 3 but what a turn around this has been. They truly mesmerized the judges with their original Aarzu – a well arranged song with profound lyrics. This band for sure, is someone to watch out for!


Neon made a memorable entry to this year’s BOB with a unique sound. With a bunch of talented musicians (not to forget they have Salman Ahmad (Baig) too on guitars), Neon proved that they are here to stay. Since the band is just formed solely for the show, you can expect them to be giving back to back great performances. For a newly formed band to get selected ahead of experienced bands is not only a big achievement but it also speaks volumes of the kind of talent they have.


Formed in 2009, Mousiqa is another experienced campaigner in the game. Their take of Madam Noor Jehan’s classic number almost brought the judges off their seats to the dance floor. Their aura is matchless with each band member doing a tremendous job with their respective instrument. We are in love with Mousiqa’s Mousiqi and we are sure they have a bright future ahead. What we are really looking for is their original because that will clearly define where the band stands in terms of creativity.

Black Hour

Hashim Mehmood’s Black Hour left us spellbound with their huge sound and retro rock genre. The powerhouse of the band is definitely the founder i.e. Hashim who will definitely give a lot of memorable performances. His ability to shred crazily will be defining factor for their campaign in the entire show. The band has a great vocalist in Tayyab Rehman who’s having great control on the high notes. With so much experience under their belt, Black Hour will certainly make things more interesting for themselves and tough for their competitors.

Although the show has just started, we are optimistic to listen to some great music by these 5 and the rest of the other 7 bands. Whoever wins, will definitely take the music industry to new heights.

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