"Meray Dost, Meray Yaar" a Musical Band Drama we needed maybe?

I grew up in Pakistani Music Band Culture of the 90s and two dramaz (in fact of one of them is a long play) Dhundlay Raastay, Talaash were surely a treat for me. Still think they were way ahead of their times and I still enjoy them thoroughly. So as soon as the news of this new web series, under the banner of Continental Biscuits, broke I got curious rather than excited as my main concern was (in fact still is) would the cast pull off originality or would they act like wannabees. 

But to be honest I really liked the first episode. To start with, sound track was pretty cool, inspired from Daft Punk type music in a very good way. Had never got any doubts on the singing abilities of Haroon Shahid and Asim Azhar but the new guy in the block Hamza Tariq, from the band Neon did good too and  Saira Shahroze aka VJ Syra did her part well.

Then comes the episode and the plot was built in a very effiecient way. A girl getting married and wishes to have all the gang present on her big day, paving the way to story about how their group/musical band ended up .The scenes were pretty relatable and so was the interaction between those friends. What's really exciting is the comeback of Haroon Shahid and Saira Yousuf (Shehroz) in the musical scene. I relly hope they do justice to the whole band break up thing in the future episodes.Oh and the surprise cameo of Hassan Jehangir was dope.

You need to watch out the episode yourself to experience all the stuff mentioned. Link to the episode is below



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