Meera (Baa)Ji Drops Many Jaws in the First Teaser of Baaji

The first teaser for the Pakistani movie Baaji is out and it is simply worth the wait. The characters, visuals, and background score; everything is mind-blowing but this time, you have to admit that it’s our very own Meera Ji who has grabbed everyone’s attention with her brilliance.

Saqib Malik’s highly anticipated directorial debut is about to release in June this year and we cannot wait to watch it – all because of Meera. Looking at the teaser, the movie is about a film star, played by Meera, who is doing everything she can to stay in the limelight.

She has proved yet again that class is permanent and no matter how many new stars take the center stage, she will shimmer even more. By looking at the teaser, it would be safe to state that she has outclassed everyone. Some people are terming Baaji as Meera's revival of film career but by the looks of it, it is not the case at all. The fact that every single review of this movie on multiple platforms is all talks for Meera simply proves that her work is praiseworthy. 

The teaser has really set our expectations high and we cannot wait for it to hit the screens this summer. After all, it is a Pakistani film and we are Dil Se Pakistani!

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