Kashmir's Pari is Exactly What's Needed to Define a Legacy Like the 90s

It is becoming a norm for Kashmir to leave us spellbound with their music that is nothing but rich - in terms of both sound and versatility. Pari is nothing different but it would be safe to state that the band has surpassed their own bar with this epic melody. With each original, we are witnessing a completely new dimension of this band. Kaghaz Ka Jahaz, Pareshaniyan, Khuwab, and now Pari - each song is a musical wonder in its own right. 
Pari is more like an experiment that has successfully clicked with the audience. Bilal's voice does complete justice to the painful situation being portrayed in the song. The song literally grows on you as you start listening to it.
The retro feels in the video creates an atmosphere where you actually experience the feelings the band is trying to convey and that's the beauty of Kashmir's music. You not only enjoy it, but you feel it, live it, experience it. We are in love with this Pari and if you haven't listened to this masterpiece, do it now because this will surely go down as one of the best songs to come out in 2019.

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