I watched Cake on Netflix Last Night and I'm loving my family even more.

When the trailer of Cake dropped last year, I knew this would be my type of movie. But despite all my efforts, I was unable to watch it in cinema at that time. So many good reviews kept pouring in but I still could not make it. Tried finding it online but all in vain. My excitement knew no bounds as soon as I heard about its release on Netflix earlier this month. Hence, it was in my Pre-sehri to do list and it would be safe to say, I might not have felt the depth of the movie in cinema as much as I did watching it home alone.

Maybe what captivated me from the beginning was the relationship of siblings which was very subtle, fierce yet caring. Maybe I could relate to this unorthodox relationship where you fight with your family and still know inside that there is no place like home. You might not be lovey-dovey all the time but the bond exists deep within. Such feels were flawlessly portrayed by Zareen (Aamina Sheikh) and Zara (Sanam Saeed). Later addition of the elder brother Zain (Faris Khalid) was simply cherry on the top. I can literally go on and on if I start to write about the tiny details between them but one scene where the three have lunch together (you definitely need to see the movie to get the context) just took my heart away.

Now you might be thinking who could raise such dramatic children For that you need to have even louder parents like Siraj and Habiba. Loved how they made all their children independent. Not forcing anything on them and yet wanting their presence during the couple's old age. Mohammad Ahmad and Beo Rana were a perfect choice without a mile. From embarrassing their kids in public to taking a stand and protecting them in crucial circumstances they did it all well. 

One silent character in the presence of such loud ones was that of Romeo played beautifully by the dashing Adnan Malik. Kudos to him for carrying on the same tempo throughout the movie, No drama no nothing which one usually expects from such characters in typical scenarios. But wait a minute we are not dealing with a typical flick here, we are writing about Cake-The Film and Romeo turns out to be the real Hero. Much more than his sanskari role played throughout the movie.

All in all a movie in which I am still living after a day (almost) and can’t wait to watch again with my family as well as a group of friends. Cuz this cake has everything; layers of Fun, Sadness, Drama, and Emotions. You should definitely try it if you haven't already. It's just a click away now - thanks to Netflix :)

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