How Faisal X Haroon Live session made us Nostalgic

Those who follow Ravesh know very well our inspirations from 80's, 90's and their role in motivating us in starting #Ravesh. Awaz and Strings being two of them for sure. So excitement for the Instagram Live session featuring Faisal Kapadia and Haroon was pretty obvious .

It was much more than we expected to be honest. From singing songs of each other to Haroon showing dance flip on Faisal's request , every thing was right there any 90's could have asked for.
One most notable extract from the session was Faisal insisting on a Awaz reunion and we are glad Haroon did NOT write it off. He said it would be exciting if that actually happens. Well, if that happens it would be a dream come true for Awaz fans like us.
The two also discussed the making of "Tu hai Kahaan" and how amazing it was working with Late Junaid Jamshed and how badly they miss him. Haroon also discusses about JJ's genorosity of giving him important lines from "Tu hai Kahan" , instead of keeping those for himself as anyone would have done.

We know that COVID-19 has been a cause of great distress for all of us but quarantine sessions like these surely are a breath of fresh air and we can't wait for Fakhir and Haroon having live Instagram session together soon right ??? ;)

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