Flowers, Best Wishes, & Cake - Celebrating Cake Girl Aamina Sheikh's Birthday

Aaaaaaaaaaannnd it's Aamina Sheikh's birthday today; who, over the years, has inspired and entertained us with her work. Instead of a random post, we thought why not wish her in a grand way - by recalling some of her brilliant works that are still fresh in our memories.

Time to take a nostalgic ride because here are 5 times Aamina Sheikh left us in awe with her on-screen presence. 

5. Silvatein 

Silvatein, may have been an underrated drama of 2013; however, Aamina completely stole the show with her character Zaib. The way she casually played her role in a comic plot with complete grace was a joy to watch. 

Celebrating Aamina Sheikh by recalling her great work in Silvatein.

4. Yeh Zameen - Josh the Band 

Yeh Zameen was a lovely song from Josh's album Beyond Kismat and who better could take it beyond the normal standards than Aamina Sheikh? It's her knack for blending in ever so elegantly in her character and it is evident in the video. Only she could have played a desi girl with that perfection. 

3. Tumhari Aankhon Mein - Aamir Zaki

There was something about Aamir Zaki's videos that made you fell in love with them instantly. Tumhari Aankhon Mein is another example but this time, it wasn't just Aamir alone but Aamina should be equally credited for the work she has done. Only she could have complemented Aamir with her flawless expressions and justified her role as a recording engineer. Watch the video and see it for yourself! 

2. Cake 

Cake proved that non-commercial films can make it big if it has the right elements. And it is safe to state that a big credit for its success goes to Aamina who literally owned her character. Her on point dialogue delivery, expressions, and on-screen presence made us feel an emotional relation with her character. 

1. Daam 

On number 1, we have Daam and literally, we are at loss for words to praise this masterpiece and Aamina's role in particular in this drama. How well did she manage the transition of her role from a caring friend to an insecure and evil one - it was pure gold and by far her best performance. It may sound exaggerated but only she could have played that role with such perfection. 

Here's wishing our beloved Aamina Sheikh a very happy birthday with a heartfelt acknowledgement for all those moments she has given us over the years. You are a star Aamina, you truly are! 


Lots of love, 

Team Ravesh.

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