E-Sharp’s Neend Aati Nahi Made Us Love Them Even More

Pepsi Battle of the Bands is getting exciting each week with bands giving back to back great performances. The standout band, undoubtedly, has to be ESharp. In the recent episode of Pepsi Battle of the Bands, ESharp received performance of the week twice in a row for performing Junoon’s Neend Aati Nahi. 

Ahmed Zawar of ESharp performs Neend Aati Nahi by Junoon

Singing Junoon’s number is itself a challenging job and the way ESharp performed it speaks volumes of their talent and potential as a band. Their performance made Bilal Maqsood stand up to applaud in the midst of the song who later on termed it as the best performance of all the four seasons.

The arrangement of the song was terrific and the way ESharp paced it was commendable. Some renowned musicians also compared it with Bayaan’s version of Ye Watan from Season 3. However, first of all, these musicians haven’t been to such great platform themselves and secondly, if there was such similarities, the judges are experienced enough to point it out. Sheer jealousy is enough to prove the position ESharp has secured in the music industry this quickly. 

Being Junoon’s huge fans, we loved this performance and what we love the most is that ESharp – one of our top 5 picks – is now in the top 4. So, here’s to more music from this amazing band. 

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