Come Let's Introduce You to 'Ravesh'

I think it's about time that I pen down about “Ravesh”. “What is Ravesh” is the most obvious question I have been hearing since past one year (It's been exactly 13 months now since Ravesh was born to be more precise). Is it a usual merchandising service? A usual blog? Oh! and yes one pretty annoying question (apologies for using this term in advance) that are you guys like “Patari”. In this post, I will try to answer all these questions for you.

The word Ravesh belongs to Urdu/Persian origin and means Style. The philosophy of Ravesh is pretty simple i.e. to promote Pakistani Style and acknowledge Pakistani Heroes who have made us proud worldwide.


And for the very purpose, we chose Merchandise as a medium to promote our local heroes. The way West celebrates their famous personalities through merchandise is commendable so we thought maybe it's about time we try to make this concept little more common in Pakistan. Wear your own Heroes, carry them with pride wherever you go. Let people ask you on a foreign soil who's the person on your shirt or bag or keychain or mobile cover. Then you proudly tell them that he is one of the greatest Philanthropists, Abdul Sattar Edhi, that's the Music maestro Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, those are Vital Signs who sang our second national anthem Dil Dil Pakistan and which was also a chartbuster in 2003 on BBC. And yes! those long-haired guys (except Brian) named as “Junoon” were once the best Asian Sufi Rock band and won the Channel V award for the best International Group in 1998. The list goes on and on and I hope you must have got my point so long story short, the world needs to know this positive side of us as well. Plus, more importantly, our millennial generation should know about our legends from the past.

From time and time again, I will try to introduce you to the unsung heroes of Pakistan – who have always made us proud and played a vital role in raising our flag higher on the world forum.

Shahi Hassan- Founding Member of Vital Signs

Now, let’s move to the next question.

Is it a blog? Umm…

Initially, I didn't think of it as a blog but then came my opinionated nature. How I am vocal about good Pakistani Music that comes out, how it bothers me when we, as a nation, are obsessed with our neighboring country's Music/Films (Okay, I know art has no boundary but it doesn't mean you start ignoring your industry people and take them for granted) and how I always want to share stories of underrated people in their respected fields.

So, before you guys bored of our first blog, join our hashtag #dilsayPakistani and become a part of this Pakistani Ravesh. We assure to bring Patriotism out of you to the fullest. Let’s join hands for a crazy rollercoaster ride while promoting our heroes – our industry and most importantly, US!

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