Coke Studio Series - "Veeru" the girl on percussion

It would not be wrong to say that in recent times Pakistan Music industry has seen a lot of female talent representation . However, when it comes to female percussionists there is one name which comes instantly in our mind and that is Veeru Shan, whom we noticed first time when she performed alongside Meesha Shafi in Battle of the bands and then Nescafé Basement. Seeing her in house band of Coke Studio was a moment of pure joy for us. So in continuation of our Coke Studio house band series we present you our conversation with her.

Where did you grow up ?

Born in Karachi and went to Lahore for higher education.

Your Educational Background?

Did my bachelors in fashion and design. After graduating I did 3 diplomas in performing arts, Korean traditional music and ethnomusicology.

At what time you found your inclination towards music ?

It is inherited as we have artists in our family. I knew I had the roots so I kept on exploring my creativity to find the right direction. In 2012 I got a chance to be part of the musical series called "Nescafé Basement" and that's when I decided to do music professionally.

Your childhood inspirations (musically) ?

I have always been inspired by "world music." (Music from different parts of the world)

Favourite Pakistani Musicians ?

Qawwali and folk music is our roots and one can't deny the pure existence of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Abida Perveen, Pathany Khan, Muhammad Jumman Khan, Attah Ullah and lot more.

Favourite Western Musicians ?

Not any particular.

How did Coke Studio happen for you ?

I was recommended by a really good friend and a great musician Saif Abbas.

What were your feelings ?

Thanks to Rohail Hayyat for bringing the talent under one roof.Working with such great musicians was definitely amazing. Got to learn so much. Experiencing professionalism and such great musicianship was the best part.

Your future plans ?

I want to make arts accessible specially to the women of this country. I have done all ladies drum workshops and have been going to underprivileged schools and insha'Allah planning to do more.

Any inspiring tips you want to share?

Personally, determination and focus is the key to achieve your goals and for that one should let oneself free in order to explore. Have a profession because it is a living fountain and permanent wealth, although a professional man may lose riches but it doesn't matter because a profession is itself wealth and wherever you'll go, you'll be respected.

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  • Maung Sein

    Veeru is an amazing talent but what makes watching her perform a joy is her unbridled enthusiasm. She immerses herself in her music and it spreads to the listener. Puri tarah malang ho jaati hai .. aur hum ko saath le jati hai. Jeete raho Veeru, keep on smiling radiantly and hum saab aapki music sun kar malang ho jaayenge.

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