Coke Studio 11 Rescuers-Sounds of Kolachi and Khumariyaan

The title might suggest that I might be bashing Coke Studio Season 11 but that's not exactly the case. There is no point of being negative about a platform that gave us a decade of amazing music, some memorable hits that still top our playlists. No matter how regularly we update the list with new chart toppers, songs from Coke Studio are meant to be part of it. However, there is a certain flavor associated with Coke Studio, you may call it non-commercial or less commercial more experimental, that was missing in this season.

Then came episode 6 and it had an element we have been craving for. To be honest, we were eagerly waiting to hear Sounds of Kolachi ever since the launch of season11 and they did not disappoint us at all. Their chemistry with each other literally takes you to another level. They have a certain spiritual world within themselves, I believe, and 'Ilallah' is an evidence of it. From the beginning, the song keeps you captivated with its spell binding essence. The deep lyrics and mature vocals complementing each other for 9 minutes keeps you hooked to it. Last but not the least, kudos to a heavenly composition for handling the aforementioned combination.

Our second pick of this season is none other than Khumariyaan.This folk band needs no introduction, having represented Pakistan at International platforms many times."Ya Qurban"is pure depiction of the fact that why this band has left a mark in the folk circle even before their Coke Studio debut. Throughout the performance, there was not a single bland moment, in which one is distracted from the song. Whether you are listening to it's audio
or watching the video, both leave a mark every time. Everyone seems to be enjoying on the sets genuinely rather than giving fake expressions in most of the songs this season, unfortunately. The attan at the end was simply
a cherry on the cake. The impact of listening to its audio is no less,as

the purity of the instrumental sounds forces you to start taping your feet and be lost in the moment.


Having said that, we can't wait for Coke Studio to return next season with a bang by taking all the criticism and feedback positively. Till then, lets keep our fingers crossed and cherish the good memories this season gave us.

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