Choti Khushiyan is all we need during this Lock down !

With so many Instagram Live sessions going around , we thought to jump on the bandwagon by having conversation with our good friend, Ahmed Zawar, the lead vocalist of Band E Sharp. Apart from having usual chit chat, we were interested in knowing about the band's upcoming album since the boys were spending restless days and nights for it, but then we were hit by COVID-19 and world stopped caring about any other thing.
So it would not be fair to sideline all the efforts of artists being poured to bring "Choti Khushiyan" in our lives . This was the first time Ahmed opened up about the plans the band had regarding their album . What's most interesting is the fact that they have recorded the videos of all the album songs and each video would be linked to the next one. The album would be having 8 tracks so we are surely going to see 8 cool videos! how exciting is that !!! 
When asked about the main theme of album, Ahmed told that they want to make people realize that in the worldly affairs where people are running after so many things they often ignore  very basic things which bring happiness to their lives. These are the actual things which keeps every one going and it's important for all of us to realize this.
The album will be featuring some amazing performances by Bilal Ali from Kashmir along with Alycia Dias. This would be the band's third album after Bahadur Yaar Jung and 600 Saal. We believe that one could not have asked for a better themed album in current CORONA Virus situation than "Choti Khushiyan" and request the band to start releasing the songs already to help us get rid of the stress.   

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