The Pakistani music industry has always been amazing and it has been no different this year as well. Emergence of some really good music platforms on the horizon of Pakistani music industry are also contributing immensely in growth overall. Among the explorer of this flourish music industry of Pakistan, Pepsi Battle of the Bands was the first to lay down the stance, which started in 2002. Following Pepsi Battle of The Bands, Coke studio was the next contrivance in 2008, along with Nescafe Basement in 2012, and Velo Sound Station in 2020. These platforms are lending a big hand with emerging and yearning artists to originate classical, pop, and other genres of music. Beyond it, artists on these platforms pay tributes to legends and late singers by spellbinding songs. Over time these platforms have established a huge fan following, and the loyal fans just keep getting more and more involved with the amazing performances of singers time and again.

This strong fan following doesn’t really end on the music, but infact goes on to be bigger and better. The emerging trend of online shopping has led to the launch of many e-stores and online shopping websites who sell merchandize for sports and other events, Ravesh – the brand is the leading artists & musical bandwagon of fashion apparel in Pakistan. Celebrating the shinning talented stars from Pakistan who are performing brilliantly in the musical onset, Ravesh lets masses carry their taste for great music on their day to day wear.

This winter, Velo Sound Station launched for the first time while Coke Studio added up more musical charisma to this season. Ravesh – the brand has launched a Winter collection 2020 with customized digital print hoodies keeping Velo Sound Station and Coke Studio in mind. The amazing fans of Velo sound station and coke studio can grab their favorite customized digital printed designs on winter hoodies from Ravesh – the brand. Considering the vogue of Pakistan's music industry, the latest trend of wearing musical themes is launched with digital printing on jackets, sweatshirts, and hoodies to tribute artists from Ravesh. Winter hoodies and sweatshirts are printed on custom on a musical theme. It is for music lovers that show appreciate and show their adoration for Pakistani music. 

With writings, image designs, Ravesh seeks to appeal the music enthusiasts to live up to their music idols and wear their style. Quality and ingenious design have no compromise. Our new winter collection is customized digitally printed hoodies, jackets, and sweatshirts available on our e-store to shop online.

Sweatshirt designed to Celebrate Our Beloved and Most Talented Natasha Noorani.




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