Superstar Just Dropped the Love Song of the Year in Bekaraan

Ever since the teaser of Superstar hit the screen with Atif’s mesmerizing vocals, we knew this is going to be epic. Patience is a virtue and for us, nothing could have justified this proverb but Bekaraan – the perfect love ballad our industry had been missing for a long time.

And who could have sung it with so much grace than Ali Sethi and Zeb Bangash? They definitely took it to a whole new level and complemented each other so well making it easy for the actors to reflect the same chemistry on screen.

Composed by the talented Saad Sultan and Azaan Sami Khan, Bekaraan will take you to another world – a world of love, harmony, and peace. The lyricist Shakeel Sohail has done a commendable job with lyrics that most of our young generation will feel a connection with. 

Bekaraan Superstar is the perfect love song we had been missing for a long time.

The best thing about the song is definitely the way it has been filmed. The duo of Mahira and Bilal have brilliantly complimented each other with their sizzling moves and made a simple video look beautiful.

All in all, Bekaraan is a complete package that we can safely call the love song of the year. So far, it has topped our playlist and we feel it isn’t going down any time soon. 

If you haven't, check out the video now: 

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