Baaji The Film – A Creative Wonder of Saqib Malik Bringing Out the Best in Meera

Saqib Malik’s much anticipated Baaji The Film has finally hit the screens and not only has it lived up to the expectations but hands down exceeded them by a fair margin. For all who ever intended “Cinema” is something about glamour, fun, and limelight, Baaji The Film enlightens them. Rendering the best realistic theme in the flick, Saqib has conquered the hearts of Pakistani fans.

Baaji reflects the life of a once-famous actress Shameera, a role played by the evergreen Meera Gee with so much grace that it feels like she’s telling her own story. The journey to twilight is always haunting and often makes you insecure and this is what the story is all about. The way this whole story has been told keeps you hooked all the time. Yes, there are a few moments when the movie gets slow but those pauses, the slow tempo compliment the storyline with sheer perfection.

Meera Gee, as it was expected from the trailer, has been the star and what a grand comeback it has been for her. She couldn’t have done it any better and Baaji safely has brought out the best in Meera Gee we have seen in years. Flawless performance, excellent dialogue delivery, perfect timing - we are at loss for words to praise the terrific work she has done in the movie.

‘Smart as a whip’  - a perfect metaphor to fix the earnest work of Saqib Malik and a huge round of applause for hitting the bull’s eye with a reality theme. It’s so realistic and to make it so precise, watch out the sequence where Meera Gee says, “I Would Go to Hollywood and Win an Oscar” and “Main Baaji Nahi Shameera Hun” makes you wonder if Meera Gee is actually acting in the movie or being her usual self.

Not to take away the credit from Amna Ilyas, Mohsin Abbas Haider, Osman Khalid Butt, and Ali Kazmi, each character brought something new and meaningful to the plate. Musical score by Zeb Bangash and Saad Sultan is magnificent and syncs with the overall script. The renditions of classic Lollywood songs are sounding beautiful in the new voices, especially Zeb Bangash has done a commendable job with Badlaan.

The only thing that may dent the overall movie can be its climax that seemed quite instantaneous and the suspense unwounded pretty quickly. Evaluating “Baaji The Film” on the whole, it is definitely a must see movie for all audiences. There are a lot of eye-opening secrets of the film industry waiting for you to be explored. Hats off to the entire team for pulling off a brainy show catering to all audience.


  • Saqib malik

    Thank you Ramesh for the feedback. Appreciate your views ! I hope others will also go see it and share their thoughts.

  • Faisal Mukhtar

    Opting to watch Pakistani films is always a tough call but this was something else. A complete movie with great direction and beautiful cinematography. I have never admired Meera but Baaji made me her fan.

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