All that you need to know about cute, adorable and most loved character "Mithu" from Suno Chanda 2- The uber talented Raza Talish

Suno Chanda Season 2 ended couple of weeks back receiving mixed audience reviews even though the viewership of the play reached new heights this season. Being a religious follower of Season 1, we had our eyes set on Season 2. As soon as it got announced, we were particularly looking forward to the new characters to know what the play has in store for us. And it won't be hard to say that one character that completely blew us away with his acting was "Mithu" played by the newbie Raza Talish (though he didn't give any signs of being naive). Due to busy schedule with episodes getting on air side by side we couldn't get hold of him but this genuinely nice dude spoke to us over Eid and gave some insights about him and Suno Chanda as well.

Where did you grow up ?

I was born in Lahore and then moved to Karachi. Been divided into Lahore and Karachi. Did my A levels from Lyceum Karachi and Bachelors in Film Making from NCA Lahore.

Did you have inclination towards acting from the beginning?

I was never really inclined towards acting initially. I have worked as an Assistant director but it’s been a year or so that my focus is on acting.

How did Suno Chanda happen for you?

Suno Chanda came to me in a surprise honestly. I was working as an AD and this opportunity came. The script was written very late, it was about to go into production. There was a role of teenage innocent guy and then I had the audition for it.

 What did you do to get into this role? 

Once the audition was done I had to get into shape which was slim young yet double chin with slight belly. I put a lot of effort to design it. I usually have a beard but I got clean shaved to give a typical boy look with taweez and tester in his pocket. My dad and couple of actors helped me create different layers to the character.

What kind of roles do you want to play in future?

I haven't thought about future roles. I am caught into Mithu right now. I'll probably think about it when Suno Chanda ends.

How's the response so far for your role of Mithu?

The response for Mithu has been overwhelming. I can just be thankful that's all I can say.

Who's your favourite co-star from suno Chanda?

My favorite Suno Chanda co-stars would be two. One would definitely be Nadia Afghan and secondly Sabeena (Maina), Maina really helped me

Were you under pressure working with so many big names of the industry all under one roof ?

Pressure was immense working with such big names like Samina Ahmed, Nadia Afghan under one roof but they helped me transform. They converted my fear into execution that brought out the beauty of the character. These guys really supported me throughout.

Favourite veteran actor / actress from Pakistan?

Agha Talish – He is an institution. He is someone who initiated character acting in the subcontinent and it spread all the way till India. He has to be on the top of the list. You don't need to be a hero always to be a great actor. You need to show your talent through the work you do and he did that all his life.

Any advise you would like to give to aspiring actors, from your journey so far?

Wait for the chance. Be patient, there is no hurry. It's an easy thing to say but patience is a virtue.



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    Mitho is a very impressive character and Raza has done justice to this character with his naive looks and dialogue delivery. We look forward to more serials with Raza playing the lead. You can definitely see his grandfather’s and father’s reflection in him. He will definitely be the most promising actor of this era and will take his grandfathers torch ahead. We wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

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