Last Night's Episode Made Us Feel Like "Ab Noori Bhi Hai Aur Us Ka Dil Bhi Ab Aye Mazay"

Things are finally looking good for Noori (if you haven't landed from Mars, let's assume you know her) who has taken a stand for herself and her husband Bhola - the heartthrob of the nation. The drama has taken a dramatic turn in the recent episode where Noori has finally decided to face the odds and seems like she is well set to take her life to the right direction. 

Not only has her mother in law accepted her whole heartedly, she has also realized that her ex Sahir is not a good person. The moment all of us have also anxiously waited for is also here and Noori has finally decided or accepted the fact that she has to live the rest of her life with Bhola. 

Just when the serial is about to end, these events suggest we are going to have a comprehensive and well crafted ending. What the last episodes have in store for us, we can't wait to see that. With so much at stake for Noori, one thing's for sure, we are up for a great finale of this highly popular drama serial. Fingers crossed! 


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