3 Flavors of Pakistani Movies to Enjoy After Qurbani

Qurbani hogayi, gosht bhi baant dia… What next? It’s time to go out for a movie!

This should be the exact same plan for you because not one, not two, but three extremely amazing movies are coming out this Eid-ul-Adha. What’s exciting about these movies is the fact that each of them has a unique plot and different genre. Comedy, emotion, drama, and action – you’ll get them all!

Paray Hut Love

Asim Raza’s Paray Hut Love should be your top priority. Starring Sheheryar Munawar and Maya Ali, Paray Hut Love’s cast will make you fell in love with it. Since the trailer’s release, fans (and we at Ravesh) have been anxiously waiting for its release. Rachel Viccaji, Jimmy Khan, Hina Dilpazeer, Nadeem Baig, Zara Noor Abbas, and so many more artists are in this movie! What more do you need? Cameos? Sure! Paray Hut Love has the best cameo appearances as well that will compel you to book your tickets in advance. The famous and fan favorite on-screen Humsafar couple Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan are also playing a cameo in it. Besides the story and the cast, the music is also very groovy. 

Heer Maan Ja

Hareem Farooq and Ali Rehman are all set to amaze you with their on-screen chemistry. This comedy action thriller will give you fits of laughter. The dialogue in the trailer and the brilliant direction has provided us with a plethora of reasons to watch this movie at any cost. Not to forget that we are the official merchandize partners for this movie and you can check out the exclusive tees as well here. For girls, this movie has a surprise as well in shape of Abdullah Qureshi’s silver screen debut song Chan Mahi. All in all, it seems a decent movie and we have planned it for day 2 of Eid. What about you? 


You will relate to Superstar’s emotional plot because of your holidays coming to an end. Jokes apart - this emotional movie is one of the best coming out this Eid. Although Mahira Khan’s screen presence is enough to make you go to the cinema, Bilal Ashraf’s class acting is also something you should be rooting for. The couple has put in a lot of effort and it shows throughout the trailer. Azan Sami’s music production and Atif Aslam’s song are also one of the major attractions of the movie. What we love the most about this movie is its script that is nothing but catchy and brilliant.

So which movie are you going to watch? Let us know in the comments below! And and and.... did you know? We also did a very fun session with Heer Maan Ja's team. Check out the video below: 

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